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Everyone Has the Capacity for Joy: I am convinced that every individual inherently possesses the potential for joy and peace. It's not something external to be sought; it's an internal state to be unlocked and nurtured.


OCD and Anxiety Are Not Life Sentences: My experiences have taught me that conditions like OCD and anxiety are not permanent states of being. With the right approach, dedication, and mindset, these challenges can be overcome, leading to a life of freedom and happiness.


The Essence of Self is More Than the Mind: I believe that our true essence, our core being, is distinct from the fleeting thoughts and emotions of our minds. Recognizing and connecting with this inner essence is key to overcoming mental health challenges.



Hello! I’m Mike Clark, a dedicated coach and instructor with a specialized focus in Mindfulness. My journey through life has been deeply intertwined with the complexities of OCD, intrusive thoughts, and anxiety. Having lived with OCD for 25 years and now celebrating over six years of freedom, I bring a wealth of personal experience and expertise to those seeking recovery and peace of mind.

My approach combines practical, hands-on strategies for overcoming OCD and anxiety with the transformative power of mindfulness. This unique blend stems from my own successful journey towards healing. I believe in empowering individuals with the tools to not only manage but to transcend their mental health challenges, uncovering the serene essence that lies within.

As a coach and instructor, I am passionate about guiding others through their own paths of recovery. My courses and coaching sessions are tailored to address the individual challenges of OCD and anxiety, ensuring a personalized and empathetic approach to healing.

Join me in rediscovering the joy and tranquility of a life free from the shackles of mental distress. Together, we will embark on a journey towards a more mindful, peaceful, and fulfilling existence.



A Journey from Struggle to Freedom

From as early as eight years old, I was intimately familiar with the constant companion that is OCD. For 25 long years, it was a significant part of my life, a relentless presence that seemed to dictate my every move and thought. But now, I stand before you, six years free from its grasp, a testament to the possibility of complete recovery.

My path to healing was far from straightforward. I sought help from numerous psychiatrists and psychologists, hoping for practical solutions. Instead, I encountered a sea of theories, often leaving me more disheartened than hopeful. The common refrain I heard was that OCD and anxiety were lifelong battles, incurable conditions that I had to learn to live with. It was a bleak outlook, one that painted a future without reprieve.

However, through my own journey, I discovered a crucial truth that changed everything: We are not our minds. We are something far more profound – our true essence. This realization was the key that unlocked my path to healing. It allowed me to see beyond the anxious thoughts and compulsive behaviors, to a place of control and tranquility.

This insight forms the cornerstone of my approach. I now understand that OCD and anxiety are not life sentences. They are challenges that can be overcome by recognizing and harnessing the power of our inner selves. My mission is to share this understanding, to guide others out of the shadows of despair and into the light of recovery.

Every aspect of my experience – the years of struggle, the insights, the triumphs – is woven into the fabric of the support and guidance I offer. I am committed to helping others see what I saw: that full recovery is not just a distant dream, but a very achievable reality.

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"A Life Transformed"

"I had struggled with OCD for as long as I can remember, feeling trapped in my own mind. Then I found Mike and his unique approach to overcoming OCD. His guidance was unlike anything I'd encountered - practical, empathetic, and rooted in his own experience. It was Mike who taught me that I am more than my thoughts, that I have the power to control my mind, not the other way around. His methods, drawn from his own journey of recovery, have transformed my life. I'm now living with a newfound sense of freedom and joy. Thank you, Mike, for showing me the light at the end of a very long tunnel."

Sarah Thompson

"Breaking Free from OCD"

"Mike Clark's coaching was a game-changer for me. For years, I was told by various therapists that OCD was something I had to manage, not overcome. Mike’s perspective was refreshingly different. He didn't just offer theory; he provided practical, actionable strategies that stemmed from his own battle and victory over OCD. His belief in the power of our true essence over the mind resonated deeply with me. His coaching has not only helped me gain control over OCD but also instilled a sense of inner peace and empowerment. Mike, you've been an incredible guide, and I can't thank you enough for helping me break free!"

David Johnson